Eyelash Extension FAQ's

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are individual synthetic lashes of different lengths, curls and weight (thickness) cut in the shape of a natural lash and applied one-by-one to each individual natural lash as an ‘extension’ of your natural lash. Lash extensions are not strip lashes, clusters or flares. Lash extensions are meant to lengthen, thicken and enhance the natural lash line without causing any pain, discomfort or lash loss when applied properly. 

Can I wear make up with lash extensions?

 Yes, but most clients don't even feel the need to wear eye makeup...Just wake up and go! No more running, streaking, smudging, or flaking mascara. You can still use eyeliner and eye shadows as usual, as long as it is not waterproof or liquid, as these products will break down the adhesive.   

How often should I clean my lashes?

It is recommended to clean your lashes 1 - 2x daily to ensure you remove facials oils, dust, dirt and make up.

Can I put mascara on lash extensions?

Mascara is NOT recommended, as this will break down the adhesive, clump up the extensions and cause your extensions to come off earlier than expected.  You can wear mascara on the bottom lashes, however, you must remove all your eye make up with water-based cleanser before you go to sleep or your makeup will goop up the base of your extensions and cause your extensions to come off prematurely.  

How long does it take to apply lash extensions?

 The lash extension application can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the fullness of your natural lashes. The normal human eye has 150-200 lashes per eye. Volume lashes take twice as long to apply the lashes. The more lashes that you have, the more extensions I am able to apply! This is a meticulous procedure that requires patience and concentration. Therefore, it is important not to rush the process so that you can leave with a perfect set of lashes! You will be relaxing with your eyes closed, and you will feel no pain as this is a non-invasive procedure. 

Can my Eyelash Extensions be Removed?

Yes. Your extensions can be removed at anytime. This process takes about 30 minutes. 

How long do they last?

Lash extensions require touch ups every 2-3 weeks to maintain their fullness. The longevity of your extensions will vary based upon your natural lash growth cycle; if your hair grows fast, then so will your extensions, and fills will be needed more often. If you follow instructions for caring for your lash extensions, your lashes will remain fuller longer. The average human eye sheds 5-7 natural eyelashes per day, this is 70-90 natural lashes within 2 weeks (half your natural eyelashes), this is why fills are recommended every 2 to 3 weeks. If you return for a fill with less than 40% of your extensions in place, you will be required to obtain a full set. Rates are set based upon time and coverage applied. 

Do lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

They do not, if applied correctly! I pride myself on ensuring that I use the correct weights and diameters of extensions based on your natural lash health. Most damage is seen if clients try to remove lashes themselves or tend to pick/pull lashes out. Always come in for a proper removal if you no longer want your extensions on. 

Permanent Cosmetic FAQ's

What is Micro + shading?

Microshading is a semi-permanent makeup technique for sparse, light-colored or over-plucked brows. A combination of both Powdered brows (Ombré Powder) and 3D hair-like strokes (Microblading).  

What is Microblading?

 Microblading is a semi-permanent brow tattoo performed with a small handheld tool, using a feather stroke technique to produce the appearance of fuller eyebrows or to enhance the natural features of the face with 3D hair-like strokes. 

What is Ombré Powder Brows?

Ombré powder is semi-permanent technique that creates a powder effect, creating a 'filled in' or 'penciled in'  make up finish. 

Is the procedure painful?

I do all that I can to ensure that the process is as comfortable as possible. Before the procedure begins, a topical anesthetic is applied to the area to minimize discomfort, followed by a liquid anesthetic during the procedure. Some clients may feel a slight discomfort, but it’s relatively pain free for most. (PLEASE NOTE that if you are a frequent smoker, or have your appointment during your menstrual cycle, the pain level could be intensified.)

How soon should I get my touch up?

 A touch up is required for each new Permanent Cosmetic client. I provide my clients with a complimentary touch up 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure. It is very important that your first touch up is done no sooner than 4 weeks and no later than 6 weeks after your first visit. If your touch up isn’t done in the allotted time period, it’s no longer be a complimentary touch up and will be considered a new appointment and will be charged full price for touch up. There is no exception to this policy. 

Will I be numbed?

YES. Most definitely! I do all that I can to ensure that the process is as comfortable as possible. 

Can I workout after my procedure?

You must avoid working out for 7 days following your permanent cosmetic procedure appointment. Why? because the salt in sweat will fade the pigment very quickly and give poor results.  

Can I get tattooed while Pregnant?

As a precaution to avoid any complications, I do not perform cosmetic tattooing on pregnant women. 

What should I do before my Permanent Cosmetic procedure?

  • If you have an ideal shape and color in mind, bring a few reference photos with you to your appointment.
  • You may fill in your eyebrows as you normally would so I can take into consideration the shape you desire.
  • If you regularly get your eyebrows shaped, waxed, threaded or tinted, please do so at least 3 days prior to your appointment. 
  • If you have been on prescription Accutane in the past, you must wait at least one year before considering this procedure.
  • You must stop using Retinol 2 weeks prior to your appointment and avoid using it for the 2 weeks following your appointment.
  • If you get Botox regularly please get that done no later than 2 weeks before your appointment. This is to ensure we can make your brows as symmetrical as possible.  
  • Avoid chemical peels at least 4 weeks prior to your appointment.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure and tanning for 2 weeks before and after your procedure. Do not come to your appointment with a sunburn. In this case, You please make sure you contact me at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to reschedule. 
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, ibuprofen, fish oil, vitamin E, or any blood thinning medication 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • If you plan to go on a vacation, it is recommended to plan your trip a minimum of 10 days after the procedure due to the aftercare maintenance.

Skin Care FAQ's

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the skin. Facial skin is mostly treated, and scarring can be improved. Chemical peels are intended to remove the outermost layers of the skin. 

How often should I get facials?

Facials are recommended about every three to four weeks. That's how long it takes your skin to move through the full life cycle of skin cell growth and exfoliation.  

Will I see results right away after my first facial?

You will see immediate increase in hydration, which will leave a dewy glow to your whole appearance but It's not a quick fix and your skin issues won't disappear overnight, but there will be a visible results. Patience is the key!   

Can I get a waxing service the same day I have my facial?

Yes. This is done routinely and is no problem to accommodate.